Chronology Of Accomplishments

1989 Fire August 20, Building & Site offered to Grassroots Preservation Activists Ketcham Inn Committee

1989 Ketcham Inn Foundation Incorporated (KIFI) in Dec. to buy the property and preserve the building on the site.(Founder: Bertram E. Seides)

1990 Certificate of Incorporation obtained

1992 March 9, New York State placed site & building on NY State Register of Historic Places.

1992 March 13, Historic Site Status by, Town of Brookhaven Historic District Advisory Committee.

1992 September 24, awarded $94,050. E.Q.B.A. Grant

1993 June 27, Placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

1993 November 30, Inn purchased by K.I.F.I. for $175,000.

1994 Received $94,050 check from N.Y. State OPRHP.

1995 February 24, EPF Grant application deadline.

1995 First Annual Memorial Day reenactment educational program

1995 June, Archeological Dig by Suffolk and Dowling College.

1996 January 18, awarded $88,280. E.P.F. Grant

1996 1st Archeological Dig work Data Report produced.

1996 June, 2nd Archeological Dig Suffolk & Dowling Colleges Emergency Landscape grading req. by Federal Standards.

1996 June, EPF Grant Sign required by OPRHP, received July 1996 and installed.

1996 December, 327 Red Cedar trees planted around perimeter of historic site.

1997 April 14, paid balloon mortgage balance of $18,000 (estate of Arthur Bauer agrees to receive $12,000 at closing)

KIFI owns the Inn free and clear

1997 June 3, Archeological Dig by Suffolk and Dowling College.

1997 October 30, recipient of $1,500 matching Grant from The National Trust for Historic Preservation, for Historic Structures Report (HRS) by Alison Cornish, Preservation Consultant.

1997 November, the donated Raynor Barn, dismantled by Steve Mar Construction Estimators, Inc. and moved to Ketcham Inn site by J.Leuthardt.

1997 October 14, KIFI received a payment of $22,000 early emergency reimbursement, from the $88,000, EQBA grant.

1997 KIFI active members asked by Committee to save 1898 St .John’s R.C., Church, Center Moriches, to spearhead landmark efforts, Legal suit brought against Brookhaven Town Board, efforts fail and church is destroyed.

1998 Awarded $100,000 Grant from OPRHP

1998 Aug 18, Sponsor restoration seminar at E. Moriches United Methodist Church

1998 March 26, requested remodeling of 1950 addition is approved by OPRHP non historic portion of Terry/ Ketcham Inn.

1998 September, Exterior of east wing, built in 1950’s, was remodeled in compliance with Federal Standards and OPRHP, to be the KIFI office.


1998 August, Specification approval for foundation and east chimney stack restoration.(approved for grant 12/8/98)

1999 June, Archeological Dig Suffolk and Dowling Colleges to locate original site of barn completed.

1999 Removal of failed east chimney stack by RAS Mason

1999 June, Archeological dig by Dowling College to document chimney base

1999 September, Barn frame restoration by Mark Charles, master timber framer, from Historic Deerfield, completed and barn raising a success.

1999 September 29, Bertram E. Seides, appointed member of Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum Commission Trustee No. 6.

2000 1770 Eastport historic house frame scheduled demolition by Operation Fire Storm saved by KIFI. Skeletal frame donated to KIFI historic site for restoration as carriage barn.

2000 August, Dawn House Movers, move 1770 Eastport house to KIFI site.

2000 October 12, Brookhaven Town Council commits to Public hearing for request by KIFI’s Historic District Committee for establishment of Moriches Historic District, Center Moriches Historic District, East Moriches Historic District and Eastport Historic District.

2000 October, submitted EPF voucher for reimbursement.

2000 November 21, Historic District approved 6-1 vote by TOB Council. Grant from George Guldi, $500.

2001 Dawn House Movers jacked up Inn in preparation of sill and floor joist restoration project.

2001 January 12, received amended contract, OPRHP signed by Kevin Burns.


2001 Established organic vegetable garden.

2002 June Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities (SPLIA) presents Howard C. Sherwood Award for saving the Ketcham Inn in Center Moriches, creating historic districts and advocating historic preservation on the South Shore

2002 Annual Book Barn Fundraiser $5,431.

2003 OPRHP approval for Grant, specifications accepted.

2003 Senator Kenneth LaValle $10,000 Line Item Grant

2003 Annual Book Barn fundraiser $8,117.

2004 National Herb Society $600 Grant.

2004 November Dawn House Movers lowers Inn onto restored foundation.

2004 December 14, 2004 Bertram E. Seides, President received first Pelletreau Award Given by the Bellport–Brookhaven Historical Society

2004 Annual Book Barn fundraiser $10.027.

2005 Completed floor joist system mortis and tenon pegged.

2005 August Patricia Eddington secures $50,000 Grant for restoration.

2005 Picket fence constructed for garden reflective of the painting “The Exchange” by Wm. Sidney


2005 June 2005 close out of $88,000 Grant from OPRHP

2005 December closeout of $10,000 Grant

2005 Annual Book Barn fundraiser $11,438.

2006 January Edward Romaine secures $2,500, Legislative Grant for Education Program.

2006 May 11, 10th Annual House Tour $2,000

2006 May 17th received $25,000 from Gerry Charitable Trust

2006 Roof project completed September. by Scot and Billy Brown Timber-framers

2006 East chimney restoration September through November RAS Mason

2006 Annual Book Barn fundraiser $16,368.50

2006 Town of Brookhaven Discretionary Funds $2,500

2006 Thanks for Giving Fundraiser $9,050. (Largest received to date)

2007 Membership & Donations $7,725

2007 May $50,000 Eddington Grant. (Reimbursement approved)

2007 June 27, Reimbursement received ($50,000).


2007 July (date of closing) 5-Acres purchased by Suffolk County

2007 August 29, East Chimney stack completed

2007 November closeout of $10,000 Senator Kenneth LaValle Grant

2007 November 23-24 Historic Kenny Hay Barn donated to restoration site.

2007 December 15, Thanks 4 Giving Fundraiser $12,935

2007 December KIFI received keys to house & barn on 5-acres

2007 December Memorial Fund in memory Van R. Field, Vice President $3,110

2007 December Keney Barn & Tool shop donated

2007 December Annual Book Barn Fundraiser $14,650

2008 April 13, First annual Authors & Autographs

2008 May 13, Replica of Historic sign delivered by Sal Pelosi South Street Sea Portcarver.

2008 May 19, $5,000 Initiative Grant sponsor Senator Kenneth P. LaValle

2008 May 20, County Parks Commissioner, John Pavacic views two buildings and 5 acres.

2008 May 24, Kerriann Flanagan Brosky & Joe Giaquinto interview for new book

2008 August, Received $20,000 from Gerry Charitable Trust

2008 August, Restored Tool Shop donated from Kenny Estate

2008 September, Restoration of 1710 Firebox RAS Mason

Restoration of 1710 Mantle surrounds Scott H. Brown Timber-framer

2008 September Annual Book Barn Fundraiser $13,830 ongoing

2008 October 2, Kerriann Brosky Ghost of Long Island released – Ketcham Inn story included

2009 May, Moriches Offshore Reef Fund, Inc. gifted $3,000.

2010 January 11, Awarded $5,000. Suffolk County operating Budget Funds.

2010 March 30, Awarded $75,000 EPF Grant

2010 April 16, Special use permit for Havens Ketcham Cultural Visitor Center (HKCVC)

2010 April 30, received Keys to HKCVC

2010 May 11, NYSOPRHP – Tracy Balone visits the Inn

2010 May 16, Town of Brookhaven Supervisor, Mark Lesko visits the Inn

2010 July 4, Tee-Pee donated and brought to the Ketcham Inn for restoration.

2010 September 10, Historic landmark status granted for Marry E. Bell House

2011 South front porch frame erected into historic mortis locations.

2012 January 14, Ketcham Inn site acts as backdrop for music video production for the band "Tigers on Trains".

2014 December 5, Recipient of the Robert David Lion Gardiner foundation Inc, Gardiner Grant

2015 January,  Ketcham Inn was highlighted in the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation Newsletter.

2015 July 4, The Board of Trustees of The Ketcham Inn Foundation Inc. sponsored the Restoration Celebration at the Terrill Havens Terry Ketcham Inn, our 25th Anniversary.

2015, September 9, Close-Out of Environmental Protection Fund Grant, reimbursement received 

2015 September 30, Landmark status granted to John Scudder and Mary Pelletreau Homestead

2016 May 25, Met deadline for Suffolk County Revitalization Grant in conjunction with Brookhaven Town. Application pending.

2016 May 3, NYSOPRHP Jennifer Betsworth, field rep to visit Ketcham Inn, Havens Homestead, Havens Estate, Mary E. Bell House, Woodlawn and The Moriches Cultural Heritage Area. State Register applications pending.

2016 November 30, Recipient of Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation Inc. Cooking Grant

2017 February 19, Recipient of Legislative Grant 

2017 March 6, Recipient of New York Community Trust Grant

2018 February 21, Recipient of Legislative Grant

2018 December, Recipient of New York Community Trust Grant

2019 January, Recipient of Legislative Grant, Al Krupski

2019 May 10, Dendrochronologists Edward Cook, Research Professor, and Paul Krusic, PhD Cambridge, visit.

2019 May 22, Mary E. Bell House DEDICATION and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

2019 July 6, Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Ketcham Inn Foundation

2019, Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation Inc. Cooking Grant, Kathryn M. Curran, Executive Director

2020 NYSOPRHP Application submitted for Mary E. Bell House on the state register up for review Sept 10, 2020

2020 Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation Inc. COVID-19 Grant, Kathryn M. Curran, Executive Director