Local and Long Island History Book Resource

Ketcham Inn Foundation offers many books for sale at the Inn office and the 
Book Barn year round. The authors tell the history of the Inn, surrounding communities and Long Island. 
The Illustrated History Of The Moriches Bay Area
by Van and Mary Field - $30.00

Shipwrecks, Tragedies & Tales from Long Island's Eastern Shore
by Van R. Field - $18.00
Wrecks and Rescues on Long Island
by Van R. Field - $30.00

"Happy Days" A Diary Written in 1923
by Ethel, Zora and Gladys - $15.00

Ghosts of Long Island II
More Stories of the Paranormal
by Kerriam Flanagan Brosky - $25.00

Brookhaven Voices 1655-2005  
by the Town of Brookhaven's 350th Anniversary Committee - $30.00

Old Manorville
Compiled by Van R. Field and Mary E. Field - $12.00

Strolling Through Old East Moriches 
A Look at 19th Century Main Street 
(New old stock, revised 1983)  $20.00

Nettie's Diary
The 1880's Diary of Nettie Ketcham - $25.00

A Taste of Brookhaven
Four hundred years of history in the kitchen 
by Alice Ross - $30.00

Lighthouses of New York
by Rick Tuers - $30.00
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