Local and Long Island History Book Resource

Ketcham Inn Foundation offers many books for sale at the Inn office and the 
Book Barn year-round. The authors tell the history of the Inn, surrounding communities and Long Island. 
The Illustrated History Of The Moriches Bay Area
by Van and Mary Field - $30.00

Shipwrecks, Tragedies & Tales from Long Island's Eastern Shore
by Van R. Field - $18.00
Wrecks and Rescues on Long Island
by Van R. Field - $30.00

"Happy Days" A Diary Written in 1923
by Ethel, Zora and Gladys - $15.00

Ghosts of Long Island II
More Stories of the Paranormal
by Kerriam Flanagan Brosky - $25.00

Brookhaven Voices 1655-2005  
by the Town of Brookhaven's 350th Anniversary Committee - $30.00

Old Manorville
Compiled by Van R. Field and Mary E. Field - $12.00

Strolling Through Old East Moriches 
A Look at 19th Century Main Street 
(New old stock, revised 1983)  $20.00

Nettie's Diary
The 1880's Diary of Nettie Ketcham - $25.00

A Taste of Brookhaven
Four hundred years of history in the kitchen 
by Alice Ross - $30.00

Lighthouses of New York
by Rick Tuers - $30.00
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