Our Mission

Ketcham Inn Foundation, Inc. has developed a comprehensive statement of purpose, which shall be used to guide the foundation in its efforts to secure public funding. The Foundation is not just concerned with the restoration of the Havens-Terry-Ketcham Inn, but has an ongoing mission prioritized to serve the needs of the Moriches Bay Area as follows:
  • Restore and Maintain the Havens-Terry-Ketcham Inn as a House-Museum of 17th, 18th, 19th Century Life in the Moriches Bay Area. Volunteers to demonstrate the use of Colonial Artifacts and Equipment will staff the museums.
  • Collect, Restore and Preserve Artifacts, Furniture, Equipment and Documents that are historically illustrative of Moriches Bay farm life. These collections shall be accessible to both the public and scholarly research.
  • Serve as a Performing Arts Center for Re-Enactment Troupes, Dance and Musical Ensembles and Vocalists.
  • Serve as a Center for the Exhibition of Crafts, Fine Arts & Artifacts of interest to the community. 
  • Provide Fellowships to Promising Scholars, Artists and Artisans to teach their craft(s) to local school children and adults at our historic sites, in addition to working on their own projects. 
  • Serve the Moriches Bay Area as a fully equipped Educational Campus with Conference, Studio, Seminar, Classroom and Shop Facilities to teach the community at large the unique cultural heritage of this region. 
  • Work with local nature conservancy's, civic organizations, land trusts and historical societies for the Preservation and Restoration of the Moriches' Landscape-Streetscape and the Existing and Proposed Greenway Corridors to the Moriches Bay Area.

    Terry Ketcham Inn, fully restored, South Elevation

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