A Restoration that follows the Federal Standards, preserves historic building fabric and restores that which is disfigured or missing to match historic profiles in material, texture and color of the various building periods. This is determined through extensive research recorded in historic structure reports including title search, genealogy of families, architectural analysis, archaeology, written and oral history, historic photographs, documents and more.
Before                                                                    After
Archaeology dig of c.1693 settlement cottage        KIFI did extended research to clarify the exact
summer kitchen. Exhibits hearth footing stones     proportions of this huge hearth through 
along with hundreds of shards of pottery, glass     archaeology, architectural timber frame tell tales, 
and other artifacts administered by archaeologist   oral history from previous inhabitants and   
Allison Mantra McGovern, PhD.                               photographic research of early Long Island
Prior to our final dig, Suffolk Community College    fireplaces.
and Dowling College used our site as a field
school retrieving significant artifacts now on 
public display at Ketcham Inn.

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