As always our many thanks go out to you, our supporters and volunteers.
Over the past 30 years, the Ketcham Inn Foundation has developed an exceptional working relationship with municipal agencies, and public/private funding sources. Our partners in preservation and restoration extend way beyond the following list:
Long Island Community Foundation
  • discretionary funds for general support
New York State Office of Parks and Recreation and Historic Preservation 
  • acquisition of historic site through an EQBA grant (81 Main st, Center Moriches)
  • continuing restoration through EPF grants
 Dahlquist Foundation, Inc
  • grant for required restoration c.1693.
Suffolk County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation
  • grant for educational material, educational coloring book depicting colonial life
  • grant for production of 1923 diary of three women vacationing at Forge River Livesavers Station
  • grant for building materials
Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation, Inc. 
  • significant funds granted for the completion of the interior of the Inn
  • provided funds for the development of Historic Cooking Program
Gerry Charitable Trust Fund
  • grants secured for the completion of required building fabric
Bellport Brookhaven Historical Society
  • Robert H. Pelletreau Distinguished Service Award,  in Historic Preservation  2001 to Bertream E. Seides   meritorious efforts in historic preservation
 Society for Preservation of Long Island Antiquities
  • 2002 Howard C. Sherwood Award to Bertram E. Seides for saving the Ketcham Inn in Center Moriches, creating historic districts and advocating historic preservation on the South Shore.
  • E. Anne Hayes, Attorney at Law
  • Tara A. Kavanagh, Attorney at Law
  • Koeppel Martone & Leistman, L.L.P.
  • Thomas Morgan Cardoza, ESQ
Other Corporate Sponsors
  • Edible Magazine
  • Old House Journal
  • SunStorm Fine Art Magazine
  • Farber Blicht Eyerman Herzog, L.L.P.
  • Moriches Offshore Reef Fund, Inc.
  • Riverhead Building Supply
  • Bay Gardens
  • Home Depot
  • Learner, Saul, & Eleanor Foundation, Inc.
  • House Magazine
  • Morgan MacWhinnie American Antiques
  • William Marx Foundation
  • Richard and Mary Morrison Foundation

Volunteer & Board of Directors
Ketcham Inn Foundation Inc Volunteers
Book Barn Volunteers:
  • Louise Prescott
  • Elizabeth Ketcham
  • Patty Gordon
  • Zelda Seides
  • Patty Corn
  • David Weiss
  • Tom Cardoza 
Docent Volunteers
  • Loren Christie
  • Rhonda Kearns
  • Loreign Messner
Website Design: 
  • Sarah Inzerillo 
Office Volunteers
  • Barbara Watkins
  • Mary Rood Hendler
  • Haley McGonigle 
  • Sophia DiCuffa 
  • Madison Sommeso
Ketcham Inn Board Members 2018
  • Bertram E. Sides, President
  • Mary E. Field, Vice President
  • Linda Stucchio, Tressurer 
  • Carol Saft
  • Tom Cardoza
  • Capt. George Sandburg
  • David DeVault
  • Ann DeVault
  • Willie Hill 
Art Show and Gallery Coordinators  
  • Jamie Ellin Forbes, Director 
  • Bonnie Bredes, Educational Liaison 
  • Laura Sandberg 
  • Renee Di Meo

Other Volunteers, Families, and Organizations

  • Rich K. Ely Tree Service
  • Ted Smith Excavation 
  • Daniel L. & Tyler Barr
  • Linda Ruth Tosseti
Volunteer assistance makes a difference and we sincerely thank you

A special THANK YOU  to all those who donated during our Annual Membership Drive and          Thanks for Giving fundraising efforts